Exploding Head Syndrome

by Aotu

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You're about to fall asleep.



A massive truck barrels past your head at 80mph, horns ablare, wheels mere inches away. Somewhere between a prison alarm and a thousand roosters screaming in unison, it shocks you upright.



Even so, it's nothing out of the ordinary. You're used to it by now. You could sense it coming—the pressure of the air between your ears tensing ever so slightly. At this point it's far away, beyond reality. Next time, you'll be in control. Inspiration for tomorrow.

✖ Background information: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exploding_head_syndrome

I experience a neurological condition called Exploding Head Syndrome, where my brain zaps me with a crazy loud non-existent sound when I'm super tired or about to fall asleep. It used to be really disorienting, but I'm used to it now and I've made peace with it. This song is inspired by and dedicated to the power and timbre of that otherworldly sound in my mind. -Aotu


released July 12, 2019
✖ Written, composed, produced and mixed by Jack Tipper
✖ Mastered by Chris Gehringer

✖ Handmade original cover artwork


all rights reserved



Aotu Vermont

Born on an island, raised on a mountain

Rhymes with "how to"



Mixing, mastering, remixing, sound design and composition services available. Please contact for details.

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